U-Haul is Hiring Work from Home in Most States!

U-Haul is hiring work at home in many states!

U-Haul is one of the largest moving equipment and storing companies in America. This company makes over $4 billion a year! They have over 19,000 employees! This company is hiring work from home roadside assistance agents in many states!

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2727 N Central Ave, Phoenix, Arizona 85004 United States of America

Do you enjoy helping people and providing solutions in real-time? If so, consider a position as a Roadside Assistance Team Member. This part-time position is a great fit for someone looking for a second job, who may already have a set schedule during the week.

Roadside Assistance Team members assist customers who need help and certainty when their move does not go as planned. Team members will handle incoming customer calls, as well as initiating outbound calls, to customers, roadside assistance service providers and other personnel who will provide the support and expertise needed to get our customer back to their move.

Our customer’s safety is our number one priority and, as a team member, you will be expected to follow established methods and procedures. You will be expected to handle all files with calm urgency, professionalism and care while meeting all quality-related metrics and goals.

U-Haul offers its Roadside Assistance Team members:

  • Education and work from home!
  • Various schedules to fit a 24/7 operation!
  • Career paths available including work from home!
  • Hourly base pay.
  • Opportunity for base pay merit increases based on performance and acquired skillsets.
  • Bilingual differential hourly base pay.
  • Part-time benefits include: Medical Reimbursement Indemnity Plan, Rx Savings Plus Discount Plan, Dental Plan, Vision Plan, Retirement Savings 401(k) Plan.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Intermediate keyboarding and computer skills.
  • Active and Attentive listener.
  • Ability to type while talking (40 WPM or higher is a plus).
  • Ability to formulate sentences through written text.
  • Ability to navigate and use multiple computer programs at once.
  • Excellent verbal communication and listening skills.
  • Clear speaking voice.
  • General knowledge of U.S. and Canada geography.
  • General knowledge of how to map a location using various programs or applications.
  • Willingness to incorporate feedback to constantly improve performance.
  • Possess can-do-confidence.

Education and Development Explained:

  • Self-motivated education at our very own U-Haul University.
  • Self-motivated supplementary eLearning.
  • Assist customers within the first week of employment.
  • Customer interactions with instructors’ support during initial education.
  • Skillset-driven continued education coordinated by your manager.
  • Fast-paced, hands on instruction with a set schedule.
  • Learn and begin performing some of your job duties with customers the first day.

Scheduling for the Business Need

  • Total number of hours scheduled each week will be based on business need.
  • 24/7 operation hiring for all hours.
  • We need you to work at least one weekend day.  If you want to work both that’s great!
  • Working holidays is possible.  We are open and customers need our help.
  • Must be available between 6am-8pm (Arizona Time)

A note about how we schedule:  Availability to work that aligns with the business need may increase the opportunity to be scheduled more hours.  We pride ourselves on working with you to make a schedule that works. However, if availability to work does not align with the needs of the business, the result may be less hours scheduled.

The following is required to work from home:

  • You must have a quiet, private work area.
  • Dependent and child-care arrangements must be made as if you were working at a U-Haul site.
  • All work duties, including education, must be performed at your home address.
  • If you want to switch or substitute computers at any time, manager approval is required in advance.

The following technical requirements must be met to work from home:

  • Have a wireless or non-wireless USB headset with a microphone.
  • Have a web cam for use interacting with your manager. Not for use with customers.
  • Have minimum Internet speed requirements: 10MB down / 5MB up.

  • Windows or Mac OS allowed.

    • If Windows, then Windows 10 is required.
    • If Mac, then Mojave or newer is required.
  • Minimum RAM (Random Access Memory) requirements: 8GB of RAM or greater.
  • Minimum processor requirement for Windows OS: CPU (Central Processing Unit) score of 2000 or greater.

    • To find processor name – right click on Windows logo (lower left corner home screen) and select ‘System.’
    • Go to this website. https://www.cpubenchmark.net/cpu_list.php
    • Type name of your processor in the space provided (do not copy/paste).
    • The number in the first column is the CPU mark (this is your CPU or processor score).
  • Minimum processor requirement for Mac: Core i5 processor or greater.

    • To find processor name – open Apple menu and click About This Mac then click System Report.
  • Windows OS Users should have the following installed:

    • Adobe Reader (set to default PDF viewer). Important: If new install uncheck the option to install McAfee anti-virus.
    • Web browsers: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge (Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge is preferred for Windows users).
  • Mac OS Users should have the following installed:

    • MacOS Preview (should be pre-installed on Mac OS).
    • Web browsers: Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome (Chrome is preferred).
  • Once hired install and use the required Company software including a Company provided anti-virus software.
  • Use of a Wi-Fi is permitted if it meets all security-related criteria. If security requirements are not met and/or Wi-Fi is determined to cause tech difficulty a hard-wired connection will be required.

The following are not permitted when working from home due to compatibility, performance, security, or other concerns:

  • A PC/laptop or Internet that does not meet requirements.
  • Mobile hot-spot, tethering, satellite Internet or similar.
  • Using a Proxy server or third-party network.
  • Compute stick or similar device.
  • Windows: XP, 7 or 8, and Vista operating systems.
  • Mac: High Sierra or older operating systems.
  • Rental, rent-to-own or public computer/laptop.
  • Working in a public place or using public Internet.
  • Unsecure Wi-Fi / Wi-Fi not managed by the team member.
  • Running non-work-related programs while working.
  • Having any other anti-virus installed/in use on your computer while working other than the Company provided antivirus.





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